Contributor giveaway – Wild Flower Botanical Perfume Oil

flore wildflower botanical perfume oil

flore wild flower botanical perfume oil prize

We are giving away this dreamy FLORE Wild Flower Botanical Perfume Oil to one lucky contributor. Have you recently been on your own family trip? Inspire other parents with your travel story to be entered to win.

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Travel with your senses in Papousse’s current Contributor contest. Did you know that smell is one of the most powerful way to trigger memories? We promise, you’ll want your little one to remember cuddling you smelling just like this!

Wild Flower from FLORE Botanical Alchemy is a sweet joyous scent with warmth and the puckering flavour of sugared blackberries behind it. Features notes of Poplar Buds, Honey, Mimosa, Blackberries, Amber, Jasmine, Linden, Citrus, Sandalwood, Orris Root, and Cassie. These oil purfumes blend beautifully with your own body chemistry to create a scent unique to you. Purchased from Picot Collective by co-founder Bronwyn when she and her little one were roaming around Fernwood, Victoria, BC (check out her story here to see how easy and simple sharing a story can be).

BONUS: Our friends at Picot Collective in Victoria, BC are offering a special discount for all contributors on Submit your story to get the discount.

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