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My husband, two year old son and I recently visited Western Australia. We loved how family friendly it was! We started in Perth and fell in love with the Fremantle area.


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My husband, two year old son and I recently visited Western Australia. We loved how family friendly it was! We found an amazing playground everywhere we went. The beaches are spectacular, and exploring the area in a car allowed us to make our own schedules in response to our specific needs, which in this case was particularly important because I am 5 months pregnant!

We started in Perth, we loved exploring downtown, but we mostly fell in love with the Fremantle area. It’s such an artsy and easy going place! We were lucky to be there for a music festival and the main road was filled with little stages where different bands and groups presented their songs. Lots of people cheered and danced, and tons of families enjoyed as well, with their tiny babies, toddlers and children and older kids. We were able to sit at nice restaurants to enjoy a yummy meal while our son danced and played with all that was going on. The atmosphere was great!
We also took a day trip to Rottnest Island, which was lovely! The beaches and natural landscapes there are gorgeous. It was an amazing day of exploring the island and chilling out on the beach.

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In Fremantle’s main road there are tons of restaurants which are all very family-friendly. They have a kids menu and high chairs, and although we felt prices were a bit higher than we are used to, it was affordable.

We also visited the supermarket throughout our road trip and loved all the options we were able to find! Most of the time we bought prepared meals so that we could simply heat up and enjoy in our hotel/apartment.

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In Fremantle we stayed at the most amazing location! It’s called Gypsy Cottage and you can find it on booking.com. The little house is located in a very nice and quiet area of Fremantle, but at the same time, a block away from very nice caf├ęs and restaurants, near a beautiful playground placed in the middle of a green field, and walking distance from the beach (although we felt that beach was way too windy for us to enjoy). The house is perfectly equipped and the host is a lovely lady that went out of her way to help us and make sure we were comfortable. I would absolutely stay there again and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to visit the area!


We hired a car in the airport and explored different areas of the city, as well as took a road trip to Esperance. We always buy a SIM card when we travel, which we use so that we can have access to our phone’s GPS. Although we were sometimes nervous because 3 and 4G are not available in many parts of the road trip, we were able to preload the maps and find our way throughout Western Australia with no problem at all.

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facebook groups are fundamental to me when planning any trip! Although I do a lot of research in google, it’s important for me to be able to confirm information or get insider’s tips from real people who have recently been the places I am going to visit. There are some amazing groups of supportive traveling families, that have always been of amazing help to me.

Western Australia Parks and Wildlife Service
Experience Perth – Official Perth Tourism Site
Tourism Western Australia
Gypsy Cottage, accommodation in Fremantle

Packing tips

Pack light! We usually travel with the bare minimum, so taking a small container with laundry detergent is key in making sure we have enough clean clothes for our trips.

We also decided to leave our stroller at home, especially because we’d be traveling by car so it wouldn’t be absolutely necessary. Instead, we took our child carrier (we have a Deuter Kids Comfort 2), which we used when we explored the city, took little hikes, and walked through national parks.

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