Las Vegas with a baby

las vegas with a baby


I travelled twice with my daughter to Las Vegas. Once when she was 7 months and again at 16 months. While geared towards adults kids can have a good time too. Staying at a hotel with a kitchenette kept mealtimes relaxed.



Walking the Strip: I enjoyed going for leisurely walks on the strip – there’s so much to see and take in and the sights and sounds kept the baby entertained. The first visit, my 6 year old niece was also with us and the visual entertainment on the strip was so good for her too!

You can bring your kids anywhere during the day but are not allowed to stop for more than 30 seconds when walking through the many casinos or security will tell you to keep on moving (when you are with minors).

It was helpful to bring my mom along on the adventure to look after my daughter here and there, especially at night!

Chocolate: The first visit, my 6 year old niece just loved M&M’s World (you can make personalized M&M’s and watch a 3D movie) and Hershey’s Chocolate World as well as the Freemont Street Experience.

Coca Cola World
in Vegas is also super fun as you can try 16 Coca Cola products from all over the world and it was a great way to spend an hour with my 6 year old niece!

las vegas mom and baby holiday


We made most of our meals in the room which had a kitchenette, but occasionally ate in one of the many food courts in the various hotels & malls. We also would get “to go” snacks from the drug stores such as hummus and veggies that would keep us going too!


Both times we stayed at the Jockey Club which is located Centre Strip right beside the Bellagio. This is a very affordable place to stay and the only hotel with kitchenettes on the strip that I know of! It also has an outdoor pool.

pool and chairs at jockey club las vegas


We first flew to Palm Springs and then rented a car and enjoyed the scenic 4 hour drive to Las Vegas. During our stay we walked everywhere. A baby carrier is helpful since the streets can be crowded.

las vegas baby
Luck be a baby.


The Jockey Club
M&M’s World
Hershey’s Chocolate World
Coca Cola World
Freemont Street Experience

Packing tips

I’m a very light packer but was glad to have the sleep sheep as my daughter needs background noise to fall asleep. We also brought 2 small books and a favourite teddy! Kids adapt well without high chairs & regular toys so it’s worth it to me not to pack them! She slept in the hotel pack & play which worked great. For entertainment, she got along fine banging pots and pans around at the hotel!

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    • Great tip, Ellen. If you have more highlights from your family trip to Vegas we’d love to publish your own Papousse guide that you can share with other parents. 🙂


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