Little Explorer Reads: The Airport Book

the airport book

At Papousse, we believe books are a fantastic way to adventure with our kids. Our Little Explorer Reads series introduces books to inspire you and the little ones in your life to explore.

In this post, we’re honoured to have Anna from The Tangled Yarn (aka KidLitCrafts on Instagram) guest post. She shares not only a great book recommendation, but also a fun craft to engage our kids.

Book Details:

The Airport Book

By Lisa Brown
Recommended ages: Preschool to grade 2 (but my toddler loves this one too!)

What’s the book about?

This fascinating book by Lisa Brown is the perfect introduction to one of the most overwhelming parts of any long-distance vacation: the airport!  While the main storyline is simple and informative, older kids will love diving into the lively illustrations, following various people (and a precious stuffed monkey!) throughout the busy airport.

Whenever we do something new with our little ones, I think it’s important to talk about what things will be like, hopefully assuaging some fears in the process.  Books like this one can be a great resource for travelling families to start discussions about upcoming trips.

Inspired by the sweet little suitcase on the cover, we transformed an empty mint tin into a tiny suitcase of our own.  It’s just the right size for a few legos and patterns to build- the perfect airport activity!

Find more great children’s book recommendations and craft ideas by Anna – follow her on Intagram @kidlitcrafts or check out her website:

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