The best beaches around Cowichan Lake and River

boats at Maple Grove campground youbou cowichan lake swimming beach
When we first moved to Lake Cowichan nobody seemed to be able to give me a straight answer when I asked where the town beach was. Now I know it's because there is no single "main beach" on the lake. Instead the lake is dotted with small to medium size beaches and secret spots as well as some private beaches. Here is a list of my family's favourite places to swim around the lake and the river.

Truth, Love, Parenting – Meet the Parents

truth love parenting family travel gulf islands bc
Papousse's Meet the Parents series offers a behind the scenes look at adventurous parents who are inspiring other families to explore. Truth, Love, Parenting. is a parenting blog written by Drew Tupper, a husband, father, and teacher based in Victoria, BC. Drew is an advocate and educator for thriving families and healthy children. He and his wife also take their kids on fun adventures around Vancouver Island and beyond. We recently caught up with Drew to learn more about his peaceful parenting approach and tips for parenting on the road.

Little Explorer Reads: Amos & Boris

amos and boris by william steig
Amos, a curious little mouse with a big sense of adventure, decides to build a ship and set sail on the sea inspired by his love of the ocean. He finds himself in need of rescue, as he falls overboard and loses sight of his ship, The Rodent. He’s rescued by Boris the whale who tells him he will take him to the Ivory Coast of Africa, where he was headed anyways. After they go their separate ways, and many years later, Boris finds himself in trouble and Amos finds a very clever way of returning the favour to his friend and rescuing him.

Are we there yet? // Little Explorer Reads

are we there yet? by alison lester - a journey around australia
A joyfully llustrated account of one family's amazing 3 month journey around Australia. Grace and her older and younger brother get to spend the whole winter term touring the country with their parents. Sometimes camping in a tent trailer, sometimes sleeping with friends or family, their adventure is the perfect blend of entertaining and educational. The story is based on an actual journey taken by the author, which I suspect is what makes it feel so authentic.

Contributor giveaway – Wild Flower Botanical Perfume Oil

flore wildflower botanical perfume oil
We are giving away this dreamy FLORE Wild Flower Botanical Perfume Oil to one lucky contributor. Have you recently been on your own family trip? Inspire other parents with your travel story to be entered to win. Share your story to Enter Travel with your senses in Papousse's current Contributor contest. Did you know that smell is one of the...

Little Explorer Reads: The Airport Book

the airport book
At Papousse, we believe books are a fantastic way to adventure with our kids. Our Little Explorer Reads series introduces books to inspire you and the little ones in your life to explore. In this post, we're honoured to have Anna from The Tangled Yarn (aka KidLitCrafts on Instagram) guest post. She shares not only a great book recommendation, but also a fun craft to engage...

Meet the Parents: Wild and Tiny

wild and tiny not your average mom group
Welcome to Papousse's feature series - Meet the Parents - a behind the scenes look at adventurous parents who are inspiring other families to explore. For our first in this series we are thrilled to share our interview with Wild & Tiny, not your average Mom Group based in North Vancouver. Hilary Hawkshaw, the founder, is creating a space...

5 awesome places outside Las Vegas to bring your kids

red rock canyon national conservation area visitor centre
Las Vegas is full of lights, excitement and entertainment of all kinds (Check out our Las Vegas with a Baby guide for some ideas for visiting with a wee one). When sensory overload kicks in and you crave a zen desert moment (or your kids are driving you bonkers and you need to let them run wild) here are...

Contributor giveaway: travel planning prize pack

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We are giving away this beautiful travel planning prize pack to one lucky contributor. Have you recently been on  your own family trip? Inspire other parents with your travel story to be entered to win. Share your story to Enter The dreamy prize pack includes a beautiful mug from Picot Collective (because part of traveling is about discovering unique, local...